I decided to make a video about how you can straighten your own hair. I’ve been doing my own hair since I was 13 years old and I used to be the girl all my friends came to while in college before a night out on the town.

This video will show you how to straighten your own hair with a few key tips… but there’s a little problem. The first portion is a bit blurry, so you have to forgive me for that – it clears up after about a minute, but UGH I was so angry when I saw that!!!

Here are some of the tips for blow drying your hair straight that can be found on this video:

  • Let your hair dry a bit before you get started styling. You will spend less time if you give yourself 10 minutes or so to air dry.
  • Always use a heat serum and don’t apply it on your roots.
  • Section off your hair into segments.

The rest is in the video!!

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