There are those days when we don’t want to have anything tight around the mid-region, but still want to look put together. The general rule is if you are wearing a loose shirt, be sure to wear tight jeans. Never wear loose – loose because it will make you look frumpy. Here’s a regular button down shirt.  It’s free flowing which is why I chose skinny jeans. You can also opt for stretch pants if you want – it’s more about the concept than replicating the entire look.

I truly believe that shoes make or break an outfit. These Thakoon wedge boots are hot to trot, but may not be doable for every day wear (they’re also almost $800). If you can swing it – kudos to you. 🙂 But I’m not suggesting you buy them.

The point is to wear a boot or pump with a heel. I wouldn’t wear flats because when you have a heel, you walk straighter and taller and you will need to do this to pull off the over-sized top.

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