This weekend I’m taking a one day cruise with some friends. It’s the FIRST time I’ve been on a  cruise ship and I am praying to Jesus that I don’t get too sick because I would LOVE to start traveling this way with the kids. It just seems so EASY. The one night is short enough for me to test the waters and know for sure if I am able to handle the rough seas. I have benign positional vertigo remember — so this might be a huge disaster. Bringing along a ton of supplies to get me through the madness.


Tomorrow, I ‘m throwing a Spartacus party for my cousins — we are so obsessed with that show and the new season starts at 9PM on Starz. Just in case you were looking to get into a new show.

You can’t help but be into hot, sweaty guys who are dressed like… ANDY (le swoon). Unfortunately, my boyfriend isn’t returning to the show because he’s battling cancer. My thoughts are with him. 🙁

Then on Monday, I’m heading to Utah for a few days to hit the slopes with a bunch of writers and producers during a press trip. I can’t wait to meet the group. I don’t know a single person that is going to be there. I tried to get two of my blogging friends on the trip, but they said they had no room. So I go it alone.  It’s actually in Park City right next to Sundance. I’ve been invited to a few after parties so I might actually make it this year.

All good stuff!

And while I can’t mention anything that happened yesterday, I will say that AMAZING things were finalized for me at work. I’m talking SUPER FUN – INCREDIBLE – OUT OF CONTROL!! I was shaking by the end of the day because it was all so unbelievable. My kids are going to appreciate one thing and the other two are really for me and my brand. I wish I could say more, but I can’t.

I will say that if you shop at Walmart you might be seeing my mug around for a few months. LOL> let’s just leave it at that. More on all of this as soon as I can.

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