Yeah!! I am so excited to continue my ‘What’s in her Purse?’ series with all my blogging buddies!!! Today we have Lolli from ‘Better in Bulk‘ (@1momof5 on twitter). Be sure to check out her site so you can get to know my online pal. She is a kick a%% photographer and has AMAZING tips for all of us just getting started.

Better in Bulk is a little bit of everything: parenting, large family life, photography, and mom-friendly reviews with a central tie-in: Bringing moms together to learn, connect, and enjoy life.

Here’s a description of what Lolli carries around!

Inside the purse on a regular basis:

  • my fat black Kenneth Cole wallet (about 8 years old, from the thrift store. I love it!)
  • a pair of gloves (Winter only)
  • a bunch of pens
  • two nail files
  • 2-3 lip balms – EOS and Aquafina
  • SEED 100% naatural body lotion, invigorating citrus scent
  • receipts
  • business cards (in one of the zipper pockets)
  • my ipod touch and LG Sentio phone
  • loose change
  • keys
  • a few sets of head phones
  • a coin purse (currently empty)
  • hand sanitizer
  • nail clippers


  • a camera
  • a book or an eReader (sometimes both)
  • things that need to go back to my car
  • a water bottle
  • checks to deposit
  • reusable grocery bags

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