Another fantabulous blogger has agreed to open up her private space and allow up a peek inside by taking part in my ‘What’s in her Purse?’ series. I give you… Candice from ‘Fashionably Organized‘ (twitter: @FashOrganized)!!!  Candace is right up my alley because we both love fashion, beauty and all that glitters on the red carpet. Woo! Hoo!

On a daily basis this is what Candice carries around:

  • JuJuBe BeMajor (wallet) with everything a wallet contains plus a ton it doesn’t need to contain, but I have just in case
  • Sunglass case w/sunglasses inside
  • Flip ‘n Tumble reusable bag
  • make-up case
    • mini size deodorant
    • foldable hair brush
    • Cover Girl TruBlend powder concealer and brush
    • 3 pany liners, tampon
    • 2 Korres lip glosses
    • nail file
    • eye drops
    • blotting paper
    • tissues
    • hand sanitizing lotion
    • Tide peN
    • Floss
    • Benefits Dr. Feelgood
    • Lip brush
    • Neutrogena sunblock stick
    • hair rubberbands
  • Weight Watchers book and tracker
  • Weight Watchers point calculator
  • Rose Bud Lip Balm
  • Mobile myTouch Slide 3G phone
  • bluetooth headset
  • business card holder
  • e.l.f. colored lip balm
  • e.l.f. lip gloss
  • 2 reusable bags — never like to take the store’s plastic bags


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