I am currently in Park City on a business trip and am hanging with a group of awesome ladies. The picture above is from our living room. The company rented the Penthouse at the Canyon and I am DYING. I would have NEVER seen this FLOOR had it not been for this trip and I am giddy as can be!! In a few hours we hit the slopes and I am dry heaving just thinking about it.

Anyway… last night the group got to talking about being friendly in public places during dinner.Β  It got me thinking that perhaps I’m a bit too cynical.

Jason – a man who is part of the team that’s hosting the event I’m participating in – said that he really doesn’t like Boston much because the people aren’t friendly there. I asked him to elaborate and he said that while he rode the trains no one would talk to him besides his best efforts. Basically, he would just randomly stat talking to people on the train to spark conversation and hopefully make a new friend.

The entire table agreed with Jason. These strangers should have been happy to meet him and make a new friend and how awful that he was unable to connect. MEANWHILE, I’m sitting there like… WHAT????? If anyone starts talking to me on public transportation, I ALWAYS think they have a hidden agenda. I would NOT make a new friend this way. I “joked” and said that I would think the man was either trying to pick me up … or kill me. LOL!

THEN another member of our group told a story about how she met someone waiting for a train and then they ended sharing a cab ride together home because it was late and apparently they lived near one another. AGAIN – everyone was like, “that’s so nice” and I’m screaming, “THAT’S HOW HORROR MOVIES BEGIN – ARE YOU CRAZY? NOW HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE?”

So, it got me thinking — am I just a cynical New Yorker? Is it wrong to have such distrusting feelings towards people I don’t know. Should I be more open to meeting and making friends out in public?


If someone starts a random conversation with you, are you open to it? I’m all about small talk – don’t get me wrong. On the plane ride over, I spoke to the two men that I was sitting with for the entire flight just to kill the time. I’m really talking about taking it beyond that high level conversation. Would you become friends with someone after they randomly started to talk to you in public?

Maybe it’s just me. Out of the 9 people at the table, I was the only one who distrusted the stranger’s agenda. Maybe I need to relax a bit and open myself up to more experiences? Or not… πŸ™‚

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