Are you throwing a Super Bowl party for your friends? Looking to make the appetizers healthier? Attempting to avoid the chili cheese fries? Carl Germano – RD, CDN, and NY Board certified clinical nutritionist and Chief Science Officer of Inergetics (makers of SURGEX) –  recommends the following delicious, healthy food alternatives for the big game.

1. Instead of Beef Sliders with Cheese: Try Turkey Sliders with sliced tomato

2. Instead of Franks in the Blanket with Mustard: Try Chicken Teriyaki Skewers

3. Instead of Nachos with Cheese & Jalapenos: Try Baked Nachos with Guacamole, Tomatoes and Jalapenos

4. Instead of Fried Cheese Bread Sticks: Try Sourdough Bread Bowl with Low Fat Spinach Dip and celery, carrot

5. Instead of French Fries: Try Baked Potato Skins with tomato/basil bruschetta

6. Instead of Beef Chili with Shredded Cheese: Try Low Fat Turkey Chili with Black Beans, Corn & Salsa

7. Instead of Fried Buffalo Wings with Ranch dip: Try Baked Chicken Wings with hot sauce dip

8. Instead of Regular Pizza: Try Whole Wheat Margarita Pizza:

9. Instead of Chips, Cookies & Brownies Platter: Try Air Popped Popcorn, Oat Pretzels, Fresh Fruit,

10. Instead of Beer, Soda, Juice: Try Flavored Seltzer and Water

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