I just flew back from Salt Lake City and downloaded ‘The Hunger Games‘ series by Suzanne Collins for the trip. I bought all three books immediately because I know several friends who REALLY ENJOYED the read. One in particular (Hi Kyle!) I trust dearly, so I knew it wouldn’t be money wasted.

Well, I read the first book in 2 days and let me tell you… it was GREAT!

The world Suzanne created is going to translate very nicely onto the big screen. This week it was announced that ‘The Hunger Games’ movie is scheduled to release in March of 2012. You have a few months to pick up this title and get through it. I highly suggest you read it before the movie. We all know how books never translate properly into film.

Anyway, while I was on the plane reading I had to literally control myself. There were 3 or 4 scenes that brought tears to my eyes. They weren’t particularly sad scenes, but the way Collins wrote them really spoke to me. She tapped into something real for me and I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end of the book. The man next to me must have thought I was having a seizure. I had to use my entire body to NOT break down while getting through one of them. LOL!

I won’t give anything away because I hate when I read reviews that do, but I am telling you to consider the book if you are up for something new. 🙂

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