Today I am featuring Miss Liza from Cira’s Lyrics. I am just LOVING her lipgloss collection!!! So happy to have her as part of my ‘What’s in her Purse?’ series!!

  • Nine West wallet – tons of space for everything I need.
  • Ortbit Cinnamint gum – gum addiction, always have to have gum.
  • Bath & Body Works pocketbac (antibacterial) in fresh linen – because you never know what you are going to touch when you are out.
  • Covergirl exact eyelights mascara in black gold – makes my hazel eyes look awesome, the only mascara I use.
  • Colgate wisp & Colgate total floss – because sometimes you just need some.
  • Kodac 10x optical 1S camera – not a professional photographer but I carry my camera everywhere and usually find something to take photos of.
  • Droid (not pictured, because hello, I used it to take this picture!) … awesome for taking photos and uploading on the go, plus my constant access to email, fb, twitter and the like – don’t know how I functioned before getting the Droid. Love the calendar on it too! My front screen always tells me what’s next for the day.
  • Smashbox lip glosses – slight lip gloss obsession. These are awesome because you can wear one, or mix some for a different color.
  • And lastly, some superheroes… not for me, to keep my 3 boys entertained when the need suddenly arises.

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