This is so sad… and I am unfortunately part of the problem.

I went out to dinner over the weekend with some friends and they told me about a disturbing study they recently read which showed that children are having issues with eye contact because they are getting so little from their parents these days.

THANKS to the iPhone, the Blackberry and social media in general,the majority of parents are no longer making eye contact with their children. Instead, we are multi-tasking and saving the world one email at a time. It’s doing a MAJOR disservice to our kids and I for one am going to put an end to it.

Just think about all the times you’ve instructed your child to do something while checking email. Where are you looking? You’re looking DOWN and not into the eyes of your child. This study shook my core. It’s something I know I do ALL THE TIME and it just has to stop. We don’t realize the effect we are having on our children by being so INVOLVED with work.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have all of this technology. Remember when we were younger and if you didn’t have a quarter to call someone… you didn’t. And somehow we didn’t implode? And somehow the world continued to spin? Those were the good ol’ days.

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