My daughter really loves makeup. I mean… LOVES makeup. Every single day she is either sneaking into my bathroom to put on some of my lip gloss or BEGGING me to paint her nails. It’s so cute, but I’m nervous that she is getting too caught up in it all.

I know she wants to be just like mommy, but I’m so afraid that she’ll start thinking she NEEDS makeup. She’s WAY too young to start feeling like she doesn’t look pretty without it. Natalie isn’t saying that, it seems like it’s all a game right now. BUT I’m looking ahead and making sure we don’t walk down that road.

Do you have girls? What do you do about makeup? Do you let them play with your stash?

Natalie says there is a girl in her class that goes to school with lip gloss and she BEGS to be allowed to do the same. I won’t let her because… that’s insane. At home it’s ok if we are playing dress up (she also loves my heels – BEGS ME TO BUY HER A PAIR), but out in public??? 5 is WAYYYYYYY too young. I’m thinking 13 will be her first time?? That might be naive of me, but I feel like that’s when I started to wear lipstick. In high school!

Liam wears Bill’s clothing, so it’s not really gender specific. I’m just nervous about whether or not I’m unintentionally  giving Natalie the wrong message….


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