Whether it’s Fashion Week chaos, training for a marathon, or just a regular day at the office – it wears us out! Our bodies need a boost and EBOOST delivers just that.

EBOOST is all-natural energy drink infused with high-grade vitamins and minerals, formulated to improve the vital elements of energy and immunity. Taken daily, EBOOST helps to fend off colds, combat jet-lag or hangover symptoms, and also addresses physical and mental fatigue due to everyday stress.

I witnessed it for myself when LATB was invited for a workout session at the Equinox gym. After drinking a half of bottle of water mixed with EBOOST powder I forgot that it was 6pm and that I worked all day. I took a dancing class with my friend and then we worked out some more afterward. Most incredibly I didn’t feel drained in 2 hours like I would be if I had coffee. EBOOST doesn’t wear off on you, and most importantly it does not interfere with your sleep!

Equinox meets EBOOST video

For more information about EBOOST and its new Super Berry liquid shots products visit www.eboost.com

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