Have you heard of barefoot running? Anton Krupicka is one of the most famous names in the arena. Basically, people are looking to become more connected with nature during their jogs. So, many people are moving off of the concrete and back on the dirt and grass in order to have a better (and more fulfilling) running experience. Some even say that running without the help of a sneaker is actually healthier for your feet and reduces the risk of injury!

Anton represents that group of individuals who literally run barefoot. This isn’t for everyone – especially ME. I can’t imagine ripping my shoes and socks off and heading up a trail. Thankfully, New Balance recognized that the masses would have an interest in this new form, but would still be looking for some sort of protection from a sneaker.

I had the chance to test the NB Minimus (which hits stores in March of 2011) and LOVED THEM. The fit is slim and basic. New Balance removed the excess and left the runner with exactly what they need to hit the road while remaining protected. The shoe is almost 50% lighter than your average sneaker which gives you more control and greater awareness of the ground beneath you.

Here are a few New Balance Minimus designs that will be made available to the public in a few months:

Don’t think you can just throw these puppies on and head out the door. You foot is so used to having the extra support the average sneaker provides, that you need to slowly work your way into the Minimus. Your ankles need to retrain themselves, your balance needs to be more defined, your strike more centered. There are actual classes in place to teach runners the RIGHT way to… well, run. This is where ‘Good Form Running’ comes into play.

I met Olympian and Good Form Running expert Grant Robison and was lucky enough to get personal instruction regarding GFR. Watch the video to see how you can improve your form.

Are you ready to check out the New Balance Minimus? Click here for full details.

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