Could smartphone applications replace your children’s coloring books? Over the past few years, a technological revolution has been taking place in classrooms, homes and even in minivans. A recent study by AVG Technologies revealed that more kids between the ages of two and five can play with a smartphone application (19 percent) than tie his or her shoelaces (9 percent).

In addition, almost as many two to three year olds (17 percent) can play with a smartphone application in comparison with four to five year olds (21 percent).

Recently, Nick Jr.’s favorite 6 ¾ year old little girl, Olivia, debuted an iPad application, “OLIVIA the Great 1.0,” helping parents incorporate new learning systems into the latest technology.

Olivia is not able to perform her super incredible magic tricks unless you help her find the missing items to perform her tricks. Olivia can help your child challenge their appetite for adventure through this one of a kind, interactive hidden object and memory match game.

Do you own the iPad? Are you looking forward to checking out Olivia’s new app?

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