Here are some of the things I know about yoga: it improves flexibility, strength and balance, strengthens the immune system, it can boost “good” cholesterol levels, and improve memory and and learning. It’s too bad I hate it. Okay, maybe hate is too strong of a word. It’s just that when I’m supposed to be going through sun salutation focusing on my breath, I find my mind wandering. I think about the pile of laundry that’s been on the sofa for two days. Or I wonder how loudly my kids will complain about the leftover steak chili we’re having for dinner (hey, they liked it last night!). Then I remember that if I forget to pick up the dry cleaning my husband will not have a clean shirt to wear to work tomorrow. But I digress.

I do yoga anyway because it helps me sleep better (it’s true, there is research showing that yoga is a drug-free way to combat insomnia), it keeps my back healthy, and even gives me more energy. And I confess: There are many days when I put on my yoga clothes even though I have no intention of going to a class. My favorite yoga pants are just so comfortable, and I swear, they make my butt look firmer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who dresses for exercise even though I might not actually do any that day. Workout clothes have become wardrobe staples for lots of busy moms. Maybe this one reason that sales of yoga clothing are through the roof — $30 billion a year or something like that. There was a news story a couple of weeks ago about how even though the economy is still in rough shape, women are buying workout clothes like crazy. Sales are so strong in fact that online retailer Athleta — which makes workout clothing for every activity under the sun — is opening brick-and-mortar stores, even in this still recession-ish economy.

So back to yoga. I took a class last week and got to try out a line of clothing that I’d never heard of before. LOLE — it stands for Live Out Loud Everyday (love the name!) — is a Canadian company that makes all kinds of yoga apparel. I wore one top that I just loved. The Stamina top ( has a drawstring at the bottom that cinches snugly enough that it doesn’t ride up and expose my tummy when I’m in downward facing dog. Brilliant.

Do you like yoga? Or loathe it? Do you prefer videos or an actual class? Most important, what do you wear so that when you’re doing down dog your belly stays covered and when you’re in Tree pose your foot doesn’t slide down your leg?

Written by Dana Sullivan Kilroy

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