Ever wanted to know how to do finger waves? The style is one of the many looks that Richie Rich presented during this years NY Fashion Week show. The looks were created and styled by Edward Tricomi and the Warren-Tricomi team.


  • Part hair to desired side. Apply a non-flaky gel throughout the hair from root to end and comb through.
  • Brush hair back away from the face.
  • Using your fingers, create waves with the side pieces of hair, spraying it with hairspray to make sure the waves stay intact and using long hair clips to hold in place.
  • Create waves until you reach the nape of the next, about 3 inches down from the ears.
  • Take the loose hair and twist into a flat bun and secure with pins. Do this throughout the entire head.
  • Keep the hair clips in the hair until the gel dries, then remove. Spray with a glitter spray to finish the look.

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