It wasn’t just the men strutting the runway that was making the Studio at Lincoln Center hot on Friday morning- the Perry Ellis Fall/Winter 2011 collection was smokin’. The collection was casual but sophisticated, adorable yet sexy, and overall a collection I would want to wear if I were a guy.

This season displays everything a girl wants to see her man in. It’s certainly fashionable and current, however it is so subtle and understated, that the average guy who knows nothing about fashion could both feel comfortable and look pretty hot in Perry Ellis’ collection. The swagger in this line could give an awkward guy a second glance. It is seriously that good.

I loved the incorporation of the sag beanie hats. They add something to the outfit and it gives a comfy and stylish vibe. Even the coats and sweaters look incredibly soft. What I took most from this line was that Perry Ellis creates art, but wearable art. Not Lady GaGa style- just some real, every day, quality and fashionable attire. Many designers make incredible art, but sometimes I think to myself, “…but who is really going to wear this?” This is definitely not the case here. I’d definitely like to see some of this collection hit the streets of New York City.

(photo credit: Zimbio)

Written By Samantha Ewers

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