Last night I attended a fabulous event with Fisher Price and a roomful of amazing bloggers. I will write about that later this week because I’m heading out to the NY Toy Fair today. But I wanted to make mention of something that happened to me a few times that I was REALLY AWARE of it for some reason.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wasn’t listening to you because she /he was to too busy looking around for a better person to speak with? Β I mean, at least 3 people did it to me last night and I guess I can understand because there were a ton of old friends reuniting but STILL. I would be mid-sentence and then see person X lean over and around me to see who was behind me.

Wait what? Are we having a conversation or what??

It was a bit crazy and I am sure I’m guilty of this at times as well but LET ME TELL YOU I will be very conscious of it moving forward. I felt like I was just a filler for those few women which made me a bit sad. Again, I wont’ fault anyone because it was a night filled with energy and fun. People were a bit manic because of all the great bloggers who showed up – but call me crazy.

We should be human first.

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