I love off-price shopping. Stores like Daffy’s and Century 21 are so much more fun to shop at because its a treasure hunt. These stores carry designer clothing and items but sell them for way less. I’m never sure what I’ll find when I go in and that’s half the fun.

I recently received a $50 gift card from Daffy’s and was so excited, just thinking of all the possibilities of things I could buy. Daffy’s is also one of my favorite stores because they open so early. They open at 8am. One morning, I left my apartment in a baby blue sweater dress. By the time I got to work, my black leggings were covered in lint from the sweater. This was a perfect excuse to go shopping and change before the day got crazy. I went to the Daffy’s on Broadway in Manhattan. The best thing about shopping at 8am is that its super quiet and there’s no line at the cashier. I spent about half an hour browsing the racks. They carry many, many designers and a wide variety of styles. I finally settled on an olive green tunic with brown leather lapels. I wore it with my black leggings, after taking a lint brush to it, of course. This tunic cost $11!! Could you believe it?

Daffy’s also carries household items, which I was really psyched about because I just moved into a new apartment at the beginning of February. I went to Daffy’s again about a week after my first trip. This time, I went to the one on 34th Street. This one takes up a few floors and is a bit more expansive. In the household section, they carry candles, container sets, stationary sets, etc. After looking for quite some time (I love the hunt!) I settled on three large containers. One would be to put my magazines in. Another is for my bath care products that I don’t use everyday and another for my sewing threads. The total came up to $36!! I was so excited that I got them at such good prices. They all close at the top and are attractive enough to leave out if I don’t have any closet space. Perfect!!!

To find a Daffy’s store near you, go to www.daffys.com.

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