I can’t tell you how many email I get from readers (and friends) asking for stroller recommendations. Luckily, Diapers.com did a little research… ok a LOT of research … and came up with their top ten list for our review. Wonderful!

Buying car seats AND strollers can be VERY overwhelming! There are DOZENS of brands to choose from which can make the process daunting. Let’s start with strollers and work our way through:

The strollers are broken down by category. You can search by standard, lightweight, jogging, or double-triple. Be sure to check out each section to get an idea for what’s hot and what’s not. I have a TON of friends who LOVE Maclaren, so it’s no surprise to me that the brand came out on top of the standard category.

Personally, I’ve absolutely LOVED my double stroller from Baby Jogger. It was VERY expensive, but so worth it. That puppy rides like a CAR and we’ve taken it EVERYWHERE WITH US.

What stroller do you own??

It’s not all about lists, there’s also pertinent information about both strollers and car seats available to read online. If you are preparing for your first child or need a quick review while gearing up for your third, Diapers.com should be considered a great resource!

Car seats have 4 sub-categories lists: booster, toddler, convertible and infant. Click here to see the Diapers.com results for each category.

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