A couple of days ago a few friends of mine asked about going away to DR. Now, if you know anything about my recent travels, you KNOW that I really had an amazing time on that island. I asked Bill if he wanted to go and… he did not. The truth is Bill doesn’t like leaving the kids too many times and we already have something scheduled later on in the year at Sandals.

So, if we are going to go away, it has to be with the children. I’m good with that. My kids are pretty easy and are at a great age. So, yesterday I decided to look for a vacation for the school break. You know – the one that starts TOMORROW.

Well, after 4 hours online I found that we quite literally couldn’t go away for under $4K which means that we aren’t going away. Bill asked if we wanted to drive somewhere and I was like… I don’t want to go to Jersey! I want to go to Bermuda!! LOL! No offense to Jersey of course! πŸ˜‰

Oh well – this was the first year that Natalie was in school and that we had to live by the calendar rules. I never had this issue before and I guess I expected it to be easy if I decided to go very last minute. Well, it WASN’T. LOL

I found a few cruises that were leaving out of Florida, but there weren’t any suites available (obviously) so we would have had to get TWO rooms. It was just too much. Le sigh.

Do you have plans for next week? What are you doing with the fam?

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