The Doughnut Plant

The family spent the day in Manhattan this Saturday. We had tickets to go see ‘Sesame Street Live’ at Madison Square Garden’ and took the train in for a little fun. While we were looking for a place to grab lunch, we stumbled upon ‘The Doughnut Plant’ and Bill dived right in.

We are all so used to the chains – those donut shops that get their deliveries in the morning and offer the same variety in every location. Well, The Doughnut Plant was an experience like no other. Everything is fresh. Everything is made on property. Everything is delicious. Everything is worth the wait.

There was a line but the kids and I were able to snag two tables.  The menu was available and some selections were already gone. Bill picked 4 different doughnuts and surprised us with quite a treat.

Pistachio Doughnut

Passion Fruit Doughnut – my favorite

Rose Petal doughnut – I was scared at first, but it was tasty (and unique – they make it with rose water)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut – I took one bite, blinked, and the doughnut was gone. Bill quite literally inhaled this one.

End result – if you are looking to put together some sort of food tour of great NYC shops to visit, tag ‘The Doughnut Plant’ as a MUST SEE… I mean TASTE.

I could have went right back on line and bought 4 more… but the kids were with us and I didn’t want them to learn such habits. BUT don’t think I wasn’t WANTING to. 🙂

Have you ever been to The Doughnut Plant?

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