There is a CHANCE that I might be heading down to Jekyll Island, GA in April and I have this ITCH to drive it. Nothing is confirmed as I am still in discussion with their chamber of commerce, but I keep thinking about the adventure the kids COULD have on the road. Or am I just crazy?

Bill doesn’t want to drive it AT ALL. He is absolutely AGAINST it and refused to even consider it, but I am silently visualizing us packing up and going. LOL!

I have a lot of friends who road trip with the kids and always come back feeling it wasn’t “that bad”. I’m so torn!!! I KNOW it will be fine going down… but it’s the coming BACK that I think will be dreadful. After a few days of sightseeing, you then have to drive 18-20 hours to get home? That is INSANE – and my husband is not the calmest driver on the road. I end up getting anxiety after an hour or so of hearing him dictate how everyone SHOULD be driving and complaining that they aren’t following his rules…


This is all talk anyway – it might not happen to begin with and then this problem goes away, but maybe you can help me out. DO you take the kids on 18+ hour road trips? ARE YOU CRAZY AFTER IT? Do you enjoy it? Do the kids go NUTS with all the downtime? Do you break it up mid-way and sleep somewhere? WHAT DO YOU DO????

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