I ADORE my MAC to pieces – and I mean pieces. BUT there is something wrong with the spelling functions.

The spelling dictionary that is installed is WEAK and that is not good for someone who can’t spell (me). But what’s WORSE is this auto-correct that it does. For example, Liam always gets turned into lima (like lima bean) and I never check before I send emails. For some reason, the Mac won’t “learn” all words, so matter how many times I try to add common slang that I use (or proper names it doesn’t recognize) – it won’t let me.

I can give you a million examples – but here’s an email from yesterday:

Ok so seriously — I don’t even know what I was supposed to be saying. A 350 poinsettias? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? That is CRAZY. But I sent it and my friend probably thinks I’m insane. Sorry for the curse btw.

And here’s one my husband sent me.

So I went on Twitter and commented about how I HATE the auto-correct on Mac and someone sent me a website which is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. It’s called ‘Damn You Autocorrect’ and the examples they have online are hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please go check it out! So funny. I’m seriously in my office laughing out loud!!!!

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