A reader sent in the following request:

I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking at what kind of dress I wanted to wear to a marine bootcamp graduation. I hope this is how I ask a question! I’ve been told when attending a USMC graduation you want to dress to impress. However, I do not want to overdress myself (like I usually would) because there is a lot of walking involved. So I decided to cancel out heels and resort to flat sandals in hope to make my outfit look more casual. I picked out the dress… (from your website)

But I can’t find the right sandals to go with this dress. I know the dress may seem too much, but in person I think it is very appropriate for a graduation. I still want to casual this dress down a bit by wearing flat sandals; I’m just not sure what kind, or color. I am also on budget so I can’t do any high end designer labels. Do you have any advice as to what type of sandal would go well with this dress (ex: gladiator, t-strap, etc.)? I am only 20 years old, so I don’t want sandals that will out date me. I just need a casual sandal that will agree with this beautiful dress, yet not make me look over dressed. Any advice (on what style and color of a cute sandal) would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

Sure thing!! Here are 4 picks that I think will look GREAT with that dress:

  • Seychelles ‘Matter of Fact’ Wedge Sandal $95 – nordstrom.com
  • Fleur du jour capri sandals $88 – jcrew.com
  • FRANCINE Taupe Tubular Suede Sandals $70 – topshop.com
  • REPORT ‘Cobb’ Flower Sandal $60 – nordstrom.com

If you have a fashion request, let me know!!

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