I cut my own cuticles this week and three of my fingers look like they are props from a horror movie. I don’t know WHAT happened to me, but I just can’t justify spending money on a manicure these days. I need to shake that right OFF OF ME. I do so many fun things for work, that I always feel like I can’t do more personal things because it wouldn’t be fair to my husband.


Anyway, I got to thinking about what others do on a weekly basis? Am I the only one who feels this way? I asked a few blogging buddies and this is what they had to say:

  • Jennifer – I think I get pampered on a quarterly or bi-annual basis, it’s been a really long time since I’ve had anything done…I keep putting off my hair appt because it’s just too busy here!! Sad but true.
  • Melanie – For mani/pedis, I try to get one every month. I don’t paint my nails, I just have them trimmed and shaped, but my toes are always painted–even in the winter. The hardest thing is finding a block of time when I can go and the shop isn’t swamped. Now that it’s spring, it’s so hard.
  • Suz – Um, pamper? What the hell is that? I am lucky I remember to brush my hair. Yes, I know bad but I am so exhausted. I am trying to put forth effort (when I remember) by putting on mascara and using moisturizer but that really isn’t pampering… But I am trying. One foot in front of the other! Maybe one day I will find pampering but for now, it will have to do!
  • Carrie – I realize I only go get pampered when I have to: Before a trip, conference, party. That includes mani/pedis and facials. The hard truth is, I need to do these things on a regular basis for me — because it feels good and because it’s good for me.
  • Lolli – I have a hard time blocking out time for myself, even now that the kids are gone at school all day. I never, ever get manicures and I’ve had 2 real pedicures in my life, unless you count having my 7 year old daughter paint my nails for me. I am sorely behind on getting a hair cut, and I haven’t gotten my hair colored in ages because I am so low on cash. Sadly, computer time has become my “pampering time.” It may not do anything for my looks, but it pampers my spirit.
  • Megan – I don’t pamper myself nearly enough. I get my hair cut/colored every 6 to 8 weeks… and I paint my own nails when they start to look terrible! I need to be better about taking time out for me!
  • Andrea – Hair- every 6 weeks. Nails every two weeks (acrylics) Facials- NEVER Massage- 3x per year if given a gift certif.
  • Lisa – I get my hair colored every 5 weeks, pedicure every six weeks (although I am way behind right now), massage as needed, but not often enough and generally only upper body due to that being where I hold my tension (but my upper body is screaming-so soon) and I’m starting regular dermaplaning and chem peels this fall when summer is fading away.
  • Mary – Thankfully, I do social media for a local salon, so I get my hair done and colored every 5 or 6 weeks. I used to be so good about doing my makeup regularly and buying myself small cosmetic items now and then. That’s a ritual I’ve gotten away from, but I intend to get back into it soon!
  • Lara – I have to admit, that Getting Gorgeous has helped me think more about ME! I set aside time each month to try an item recommended by GG. With four kids I have to prod myself into pampering me. I do go once a month (spring-fall) for a mani-pedi with my oldest daughter.

Now it’s your turn! How often do you pamper yourself?? What do you do?

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