We are doing a redesign for all my properties and my husband wants me to split out Lady and the Blog into two separate websites. He wants me to do a fashion website and then a personal one that focuses on product reviews for kids, my ‘Inside the Kitchen’ posts, my travel stuff etc. I don’t know what to do because LOGICALLY that makes sense – but Lady and the Blog is everything I LOVE. It kinda brings all that I am into one space. I love fashion. I’m a mom. I love to cook.

I don’t know!!

But what do you think? When you come here, are you looking to read only ONE part? For instance, do you like the celebrity fashion finds and are annoyed at my personal posts? Or the other way around – is there too much fashion related content and you just want mom info?

HELP! If you want to leave a comment as well as taking the quick poll, I would appreciate it.

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