Like a school girl – that’s how I squealed when I ordered the Starbucks Trenta for the first time. Let me explain…

When I went into the Starbucks, I ordered my usual – a venti black tea lemonade unsweetened – and then joked with the guy behind the counter asking if the trenta arrived. In NY, it’s not due until May but I always ask anyway — like a drug addict.  It was a shot in the dark and I was expecting to hear they didn’t have it. BUT THEY DID.

I think I started to cry right there on line.

I ordered it and my pupils dilated. THEN the guy told me that I got a free petite dessert because this weekend Starbucks is offering it with every drink purchase and I think I started to convulse. It was just too much good news for one girl to handle.

I swear everyone in that store was looking at me like I was insane. Maybe I am… but I couldn’t help it. There are FEW things in the world that excite me like this and I just went with the feeling.

And yes, I started to take pictures of the Starbucks Trenta in the store. COMICAL. Whatever – I’m never going to see those people again, so what’s the difference.

I threw the cup away – should have saved it and made a potted plant out of it. You always remember your first… 🙂

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