Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go to the gym, or even out for a walk, barefaced. But having make-up running down your face as soon as you break a sweat is no fun either. I found two products that stay put while you’re working out, but wash off with cleanser and water as soon as you’re done. First, Jemma Kidd’s I-Tech Liquid Liner ($16 at Target) is AMAZING. It goes on smoothly, in a thin, neat line, but also smudges beautifully– for those who prefer a softer look. And then it stays put!

For lips, try the Pixi Lip & Line ($18 at Target), with a waterproof lipliner on one side and one of six shades on the other. If you have a lip color you already love, just use the Lip Prime under your favorite. It will make your color laaaaaaaast.

Written by Dana Sullivan Kilroy

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