Yesterday, for about 7 hours, I worked on stuffing ‘Getting Gorgeous with Degree’ gift bags (Check out the Twitter chatter!!) . My husband helped out when he could… but our kids kept needing things… like food and water. LOL! It was ROUGH – let’s just say that.

But, when I came downstairs this morning, I felt good that it was almost done. 2/3 done is better than nothing, right?! Today – I am going to the mall at 10AM and NOT LEAVING UNTIL I BUY A NICE SHIRT. I’m a bit nervous because I already went to Nordstrom and Macy’s (my two favorite stores). I really don’t feel like taking the train into the city, but if I don’t have something by noon – I’ll be hopping on the LIRR off peak.

I love how I don’t have this figured out yet. UGH

Actually, I had a dress I wanted to wear. But it’s going to SNOW and I just don’t feel like being in heels and a dress in the snow.

Where do you shop for cute shirts? In my head I see a blazer with a white shirt… but I will settle for anything at this point.

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