Last night, I attended a Zumba class at my old gym with a bunch of friends from my town. We were all Zumba newbies, so I didn’t feel so nervous about the whole thing. I knew I was in the room with people who were just as nervous as me.

I brought my camera because I was planning on having someone take a few pics / videos of the gals in action.

Then we started.

And I didn’t know what the HELL I was doing.

And that thought flew right out the metaphorical window.

Apparently, I have no rhythm. And I mean NONE. I thought I was able to dance to a beat. I thought I could hold my own… but that is SO NOT TRUE. It was comical. At one point, I just started dancing because I couldn’t do what she was doing. Or by the time I finally figured out the step, we were all moving onto the next move.

It was hilarious.

The best part was I kept thinking the class was over. The song would stop – I would clap (wishful thinking I guess) and then another one would start. For one hour, I made a complete fool out of myself. BUT I had a really good time and we all laughed a ton – which means a really great hour if you ask me.

Of course, after all that hard work was over, a dozen of us went to a Japanese restaurant for some appetizers and drinks. Basically, everything I burned off went right back in my mouth!!

DO you Zumba? Does it get easier? I really did have a lot of fun. I would be open to trying it again.

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