I was quietly minding my own business in my living room last night when I noticed Rachael Ray was hosting a show on QVC. I popped over because I am a fan and ended up buying almost EVERYTHING she showed.

What is WRONG WITH ME?? It was like –

I’ll take that. And that. Ok that too. Oh why not – give me that as well.

My husband passed me his credit card and then just walked away because he didn’t want to witness the car crash that was happening in slow motion on the couch.

(an oval shaped spaghetti pot)

Deep Dish Lasagna

Lazy Spoon set – rests right on the pots – doesn’t get hot (OMG)

Mini dippers – someone stop me!

SO MUCH STUFF – where am I going to fit it???? I better start cooking every day because I have NO excuse anymore. 😉

Do you shop through your TV at all? Do they get you?

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