If you’ve been following my blog for the past year – you will KNOW that I’ve been having PRETTY BAD LUCK with travel planning. At this point, I’m almost afraid for Puerto Rico because every time I set my mind on a location – something TERRIBLE happens.

But, let’s be “glass is half full” kind of people and assume that nothing will go wrong over the next few days. LOL!

Getting Gorgeous with Degree came and went – I relaxed for a few days and then thought Bill and I should just hop on a plane and go someone for the weekend. We had some points to use and ended up getting an amazing deal which I will write about when I return.

Bill wanted to bring the kids – so we are all going to Puerto Rico on Friday!! I can’t WAIT. Naturally, I’m bringing my camera – so I will document everything!

I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice already – and it’s really such a beautiful island. Can’t wait to share it with my children.

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