I came to the conclusion yesterday that it’s a GOOD thing I was born in Manhattan and not on a tropical island. I am not the type of person that could be productive in such heat. For three days in a row, the sun and I have fought a hopeless battle. I succumbed each time the heat got too strong.

It’s almost like a fog that encapsulates me and sucks me dry of all energy.

Think of Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ running through the poppy field. It’s all so beautiful. She wants to absorb it all. She’s so excited to be there – but there is something out of her control. Some unseen force that brings her to her knees until she just sleeps. The snow is the only thing that wakes her.

What POWER. Tropical islands have such humidity that it’s almost impossible to resist. This is is the first time I came somewhere like this with the kids. All my prior vacations I never really noticed how often I napped because it really didn’t matter. This trip, however, one of us had to be awake because the children were swimming in the pool and needed help.

I tried to fight it. I tried to resist, but it was just impossible. My eyes got heavy. My breathing slowed and I drifted into a sweet slumber each and every time the sun felt like taking control of the day.

I relived this about 3x a day since arriving to Puerto Rico. No exaggeration.

If I lived here, I would do NOTHING. The drive I have back home – the GO GO GO that I constantly feel – didn’t make it off the plane and is probably waiting for me at the airport.

A few more hours on this island and then we are all heading home. What a relaxing place to visit!!

Have do you do in extreme heat and humidity? Bill played with the kids in the pool for HOURS while I drooled on my over-sized towel and chair. LOL.  I am most certainly a North-East kinda girl.

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