This was the first view I inhaled when my family and I reached the St. Regis in Puerto Rico.  We had some Starwood points to use and opted for a 4 days / 3 nights vacation and BOY was it amazing!

The pool is simply the best part of the hotel. With less than 150 rooms on property, there was never a crowd anywhere you went. The pool – or should I say pools because there were a ton of them to dive into – looped around palm trees and shaded seating. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived so we had lunch at Seagrapes and then relaxed on a cushioned chair until someone got us. The kids were FLIPPING OUT. If I let them, I’m sure they would have hopped right in – sneakers and all.

Here’s a video of our time at the hotel. Sorry for how long it is – but I didn’t want to cut any of the pictures.

A few observations about my stay:

  • The St. Regis was magical – end of story. BUT it was 25 minutes away from anything which meant that you had to do everything on property unless you wanted to rent a car or taxi. We ended up eating at Fern -a Jean-Georges restaurant – three times! Luckily, the food was INSANE and the view was divine. BUT now I know to look into how close I will be to other hotels. This was literally off the beaten path. It’s for those people who don’t want to leave the hotel and who just want to veg by the pool. Don’t get me wrong – it was just perfect. But I would have liked to be by ONE other hotel to at least change things up for dinner.
  • The St. Regis had SO MANY amazing things to do for free – boat rentals, nature tours, biking, s’mores, champagne toasts, -etc. If you plan your day around the hotel’s schedule you will have enough to do without feeling stressed out.
  • The beach provides toys for kids. They set your chairs and umbrellas up and then give the kids shovels and play things. What a bonus!
  • The pool cabanas are WAY cooler than the beach cabanas. If you are going to spend your money on something – make it the pool one. Though truthfully, you don’t really need it.
  • There is a service to watch the children, but we didn’t take advantage of it.
  • Everything is expensive. I was flipping out over the prices. And I know what you are saying – it’s the St. Regis! But it was too much. Oatmeal for like $14? Come on! We sucked it up because there was no where else to go.
  • We rented a car – but they had no kid car seats. So, we had to wait a few hours for them to go to the airport and pick them up. Call ahead of time to prepare them for this request if you want.
  • I didn’t take advantage of the Spa because I’m going this week for SpaWeek, but book ahead. They come to your room if you want to do something a bit more secluded.
  • Reapply that sunscreen. We were all on top of that – but the kids still got a little red. The sun is STRONG.
  • Overall, besides the high prices for food – we had an AMAZING TIME!!!!

I have so much more footage to share – stay tuned!!

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