Whoever invented a straw hat than can be crushed flat in a suitcase or beach bag and then pop right back into shape should win some sort of genius award. This one, from Tilley, blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays. That’s right, it shades your face, AND protects pricey highlights!

Sunglasses are an essential part of any spring wardrobe. Jessica Biel has been spotted in these new Holbrook shades from Oakley.

Oakley lenses are the ultimate in sun protection, plus, the lenses are shatterproof. If you plan to be doing anything sporty on spring break, Oakleys are a safe bet. The Holbrook comes in some really fun colors — check out the purple.

Every mom who has tried to put sunscreen on a squirming kid knows what a huge drag it is. It’s cold. It’s sticky. Sometimes it stings. Coopertone to the rescue. This new WaterBabies Foaming Sunscreen goes on really easily, kind of like shaving cream. It’s waterproof, and rated with an SPF of 75. Slather it on, it dries fast and isn’t at all sticky.

What are your favorite sun-protecting products? How do you convince your kids that sunscreen is a good idea?

Written by Dana Sullivan Kilroy

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