Never heard of exfoliating gloves until this week – so I HAD to share.

As some of you know, I went and tried this exfoliating scrub / rub down during Spa Week. During my session, the woman first put on these dry gloves and exfoliated my skin without water or beaded lotion. My body was dry and she just rubbed each section until she felt I was smooth enough.

Then she rubbed me down with oil and wrapped me in plastic. It was bizarre. I didn’t mind being in the plastic until she left the room. Apparently, I’m a little claustrophobic… LOL!

Back to the exfoliating gloves – she put them in a bag and told me I had about 2-3 weeks of usage still in them. She suggested before I start the water in the shower to first scrub down my entire body DRY with these gloves. They don’t FEEL like they are particularly sharp in any way – but I felt like a newborn when it was all said and done. So, they obviously WORK.

Three times a week – exfoliate, shower, lotion up.

The exfoliating gloves range from $4 to $29 for a pack.

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