It was a privilege to spend an evening among many inspirational people celebrating a great cause – fabulous women. Harper’s Bazaar and Estee Lauder held the “Fabulous at Every Age” contest and 5 gorgeous finalists ranging from 20 to 60 years old were chosen.

Before the winner was announced by Lauder’s spokesmodel, Elizabeth Hurley, the guests mingled with models (even Coco Rocha was present), drank champagne and tasted hors d’oeuvres at the Hearst Building.

All finalists were absolutely beautiful; not only on the outside, but there was something special about each one of them that came from within. The sincere smile, the glow in the eyes, and most of all femininity. But who really stood out to me was Brandyn Barbara Artis, who was also named a winner! Brandyn has been a wife, mother, grandmother, breast cancer survivor, lobbyist/cancer awareness advocate, playwright, actress and US Air Force veteran. She is a living proof that you can lead an intense life and still look incredible in your 60’s.

Well deserved Brandyn, well deserved!

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