Ok, so as you know  – I’m in Disney with Hanes as part of a week long comfort celebration. This morning we had our first meeting and had the opportunity to talk about some of my wardrobe concerns.

Well, first we had a visit from the AMAZING Laura Spencer – the social media director from Disney. She came to greet us and welcome the group on property.

So here is the problem that I brought up.

When I was packing for the family, I had a hard time matching up Bill’s socks because he NEVER throws away anything and probably has socks in his drawers from High School. I ended up throwing all his socks (all 6,000 of them) on the floor to try to make a pair. While I was in the madness, I noticed that he had like 20 or so pairs of MY white socks in his mix. I pulled them aside and placed them back in my stash.

I told Hanes – wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to differentiate between different sizes of white socks? Like for instance – women’s socks have a red star. Men’s socks have a black star. Girl’s socks have pink and so on.

THEY SAID – we already do that.


It’s called the EZ Sort and I swear I’m the last person on the planet to know about it! Just wanted to pass it along should you have this problem with white sock distribution in your house too. 🙂

And PS- just also wanted to post about their centerpieces made entirely from Hanes products. LOVE IT!

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