THIS is why I ended up missing out on interviewing Nicole Richie last week. And it was SUCH the right choice. I knew I was doing the right thing when I said no – but it stung nevertheless. As soon as I walked in and saw Natalie with her book and crown and sash for me – all that nonsense I was holding onto disappeared.

So, we walked in and immediately our kids crowned us with a “#1 Mom” drawing they made. Natalie then threw this sash made out of construction paper around my body and yanked me down in her seat. She was HYPER! So EXCITED! I just followed along not speaking because she was whipping me around and I was enjoying her bliss.

Then she read me this book she made for me. Here’s the video.

CUTE!! The kids then sang a few songs for us and served us tea and cookies.

I glanced over and saw this board – and again was flooded with emotion. She recognizes that the thing I say the most to my kids is “I love you”. And that’s exactly what I’m hoping for as a mom.

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