I am an AVID Dr. Phil watcher. I’m talking daily DVRing over here. One of the diets he’s spoken of a LOT in the past has FINALLY become available at Barnes and NObles. I wasn’t really into purchasing it online from their website (the ONLY way you could get it for about a year). SO AS SOON AS I SAW IT AT MY LOCAL STORE – I JUMPED!

With my membership – I got 40% off the book! So naturally I SNAGGED it right up.

The long short – it’s 17 days of no carb and low fat. It’s hard – but you can do anything for 17 days, right? That’s the hook. Suck it up for a little over 2 weeks and lose between 10 and 15 pounds. There are then 3 more cycles to go on before you can officially say you are done. But I’m interested in that JUMP START – which I REALLY need. Especially right before the summer.

So, last night I cooked potatoes to say goodbye to them (and to get them out of my fridge) and this morning I started to walk down this new path.

For breakfast, I had a yogurt and an orange with green tea.

For lunch I had fat free swiss cheese and turkey slices (a lot) with a pickle and some fruit. Again green tea. The man is obsessed with green tea.

Also went out about bough Omega 3 vitamins b/c I don’t eat any fish and he suggests it.

So – My starting weight is logged. I won’t share it – but I will let you know how much I lose over the next two weeks. I’m excited! Hopefully it works because honestly I am JUST DONE WITH THIS LAST 10 POUNDS! πŸ™‚

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