Every year, Lighthouse International has a major fashion sale. I’m talking every big brand that you lust after from Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and Hermes to Gucci and Alexander McQueen. Lighthouse International provides services for people with  vision loss. They have been doing this sale for 39 years and each year it keeps getting bigger and better. This year, The POSH sale is being held at The Plaza and its as fabulous as you’d expect. I went to check it out yesterday and I was not disappointed.

The sale is divided into different areas, according to the styles and colors. There’s an area for menswear as well as furs and couture. This year, you can even get a personal shopper. This is a real sale. These clothes and accessories are more than half off. They’re ridiculously priced. I went to the sale two years ago and scored a vintage jacket for $50 that I still wear today. Yesterday, I was searching for a similar great find. They have a color-coded system according to sizes. My new wish, by the way? That I could morph into whatever size I want so I can fit into any fabulous clothing I see. I saw some great finds from Chanel and Valentino but couldn’t fit into them. There were also shoes from Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. I was in heaven.

I wasn’t going to buy anything because I’m trying to save (who was I kidding?) but couldn’t help myself when I saw this cute dress. I also bought an adorable purse for the summertime. My total? $55!!!

If you’re in New York and as equally obsessed with designer duds as I am, you need to stop by the Plaza. The sale runs until Sunday May 15th. For more information on Lighthouse International, go to www.lighthouse.org.

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