Man! It’s only been a few days since I… BROKE my wedding rings and BOY do I have some stories to tell. I guess those rings were like some sort of shield. Something that made other people feel like my life was acceptable to them.

I cannot tell you the stares I’ve been getting when I’m out with my kids.

Um excuse me – none of your darn business what my situation is. And PS – what year are we in? Do you want to paint an A on my forehead too???

It’s becoming rather uncomfortable. The dirty stares. The dart to my hand and then to my children and then to my face. I’m like… is this happening???

Maybe it’s just my filter because I’m a bit self aware that I’m without my bands (and it’s been 10 years since I’ve been in public without them). Maybe I’m LOOKING for those people who disapprove to validate my own fears. But whatever it is – it’s frustrating.

And the men too. I’m not saying I’m getting picked up everywhere I go, but conversations are lasting longer. Take last night for instance. I went to my local grocery store to pick up a few things I need for this… diet plan I’m starting (will talk about later). I told a man he could go in front of me because he only had a few items. He insisted it was fine to wait. That’s usually where it would stop.

But last night it was the “That’s a lot of food for one person” comment that made me realize I need those rings back on pronto. My husband and I are looking at the rings as the elephant in the room. We both know we need to find the money to fix them but we both don’t feel like going through the process to do it.

So, they are still in pieces in a bag in my kitchen.

When you go out without your rings – do you feel like people treat you differently?

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