Have you ever wanted to just start over? Get a fresh set of eyes looking at all your clothes and give you a fashionable check up? Well, last week ‘The Re-Stylist‘ – Bryn Taylor – came to my house for a few hours and got to work!!

I’ve known Bryn for a few years now. We go back – WAY back (something like 6 years) and when I heard that she was offering up this professional service to the Tri-State area, I knew I just HAD TO HAVE HER. Bryn is the kind of girl who walks into a room and you immediately think, “Why am I not wearing that?” Her style is SO ON POINT without being flashy or too on trend. She gets it. And I was so thankful to have her step into my private world and make me really take a look at my wardrobe.


The process is simple. You go through every article of clothing you have and break it down into 3 piles. Keep, Donate and Maybe. I had an extra pile called “Another One of Those” because I must have owned 2 dozen of the same shirt in different colors (all neutral of course). At the end we counted 6 brown short sleeve shirts. Apparently, I have a problem.


Bryn’s services are not hourly. So there’s no pressure. You choose a package and however long it takes to make it happen is how long Bryn will stay. I never felt rushed or the need to look at my watch.


We really dissected every piece of clothing I owned. Even made fun of a few. Why did I buy this dress? Really? I am NOT SURE!! LOL!!


After it’s all said and done, Bryn then reorganizes your closet to PERFECTION. I will NEVER let my closet get messy again. She categorizes it all (something I would have NEVER DONE EVER EVER EVER). But now that it’s set up this way – I won’t ever go back.



Here’s the best part!!!! After she does her magic, Bryn then goes through and tells you what you are missing. For instance, Bryn noticed that I didn’t own a black blazer or ANY skirts. She made a list of things she thought would complete my wardrobe. I immediately went shopping.

I am SO HAPPY to have had ‘The Re-stylist‘ come to my house! If you live in the Tri-State area and are looking for someone to get you back on the right track, click here!

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