What the heck took me so long to post this!!!???

Last week, I had the chance to eat some of Emeril’s home cooking (here are the backstage pictures). I mean – can you stand it? From left to right, Whitney, Colleen, Dana, Audrey and I filmed Emeril’s new show – ‘Emeril’s Table’. It airs this Fall on the Hallmark channel and it was right up my alley!

So, we sat up against Emeril’s kitchen counter and watched that chef do his magic. The group (who were all mom bloggers) fed Emeril questions and even helped out a bit.

I wish they had the recipe online because the chicken dishes we ate… were divine!! Have you ever used a Tagine? It’s popular in Moroccan cuisine and we had a chance to check one out in action. I am SOLD.

He used saffron too which I believe is the FIRST time I’ve eaten that spice. YUM! Too bad it’s so EXPENSIVE!! LOL.

In the end, I had a wonderful time with my friends on ‘Emeril’s Table’. I can’t WAIT to check out the episode later on this year.

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