I am a SUCKER for board games. You know it. I know it. Scrabble has come out with a brand new twist to a classic and I had the chance to check it out over the weekend. Scrabble: The Cooking Edition is everything you love about the crossword game and MORE.


SO, what’s different you ask? The Cooking Edition gives you extra points for using words that relate to… COOKING! For example, if you chose to play the word “Fire” then you would get an additional 7 points for that round’s score.


Check out my mother and her cousin busy at work.




Another fun twist are these cards each player gets to use. Basically, it’s just another way to spruce up the game and add some extra points to the board. Check out the card I pulled during the first round. If I made a word out of letters that are just worth 1 point each, I could TRIPLE my score!



It took a second to get used to. I had to keep reading the instructions in the beginning to make sure we were playing the right way. BUT once I understood the new additions, my family and I had a blast!

Scrabble Cooking is available at Amazon.com.

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