Ok, so I finally got my act together and decided to take tennis lessons. This year has been suffocating with work, but I have a nice long stretch of relaxation ahead of me and wanted to start to get a bit active.

There is a tennis group that meets twice a week (you pay as you go and when you go) and I decided today to give it a shot. I went and it was canceled. The pro had a doctor’s appointment or something. In a way, it was a good thing because I didn’t have any tennis clothing. I was in my PJs. No seriously I was.

So, off I went to a local sports shop and saw that tennis SKIRTS are the norm. I was like… no, this can’t be right. I don’t wear skirts on a regular basis. I can’t be FORCED into wearing them for a lesson, can I?

The guy who was manning the department let me know it is what it is and women wear skirts while playing tennis. I drilled him like he was on trial trying to see if there was another way out. Sadly, there wasn’t.

Without another option, I bought one.

You might be saying – SO WHAT? It’s a skirt. Just wear it.

That’s not my style at ALL. But I am serious about getting in shape and want to make sure I do something fun and exciting. So, I caved.

Thursday is the next meet up. I will be there. In my skirt. And sneakers. Oh boy… 🙂

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