Ok, so yesterday was my FIRST tennis lesson. I warned my instructor that I am the non-active type. You know, the girl who doesn’t really like to move. He thought I was kidding. I knew I was not.

Yesterday, I put on that damn skirt – which my husband wants me to wear every day now btw – and headed on over to the courts. There was a clinic I was hoping to join and no one showed! So, it was just me and the instructor. I really got great instruction.

I had fun. 45 minutes of the hour flew – then the last 15 I was like SLOWING DOWN BIG TIME.

This morning, I woke up and my right arm is stiff as a board and my rear feels exactly the same. Oddly enough, I want to play again today! If my kids weren’t sick I would have us all go to the courts and have a little fun.

I don’t hate it. Even while it hurts. That’s great news!

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