I am going to start doing Walgreens each week – and this was my first attempt.

I split it into two transactions in order to use the Registered Rewards from my first order on my second.

Transaction 1:

  • Advil 40-50 count: $4.99 — if you buy two you get $5 in Register Rewards.

So, it was $10 total. I had a $4 coupon (on 2 Advil products). Out of my pocket I paid $5.98 but then got $5 in RR that I applied towards my next purchase.

Transaction 2:

  • Tone Body Wash – $3.99 (then I received $3 in RR)
  • Scunci Hair Elastics – $2 (then I received $2 in RR)
  • Silk Shaving Cream – $1.99 (then I received $1.50 in RR)

Total was $8 but I used my $5 in RR from my first transaction and ended up paying $3.67 with tax.

From transaction 2, I received $6.50 in RR for next week.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I bought $18 worth of goods, spent $8+ out of my pocket and still have $6.50 to use next week.

This one was pretty high for my out of pocket expense, but it’s because I’m just beginning. I had to put money into the system in order to get some back for next week. I’ve already done my next week transactions and I can’t WAIT to show you that magic!

This sale ends today. So if you want to at least do transaction 2 to get into the game, do it by 9pm tonight!! Tomorrow I will post next week’s Walgreen’s sale. It’s a good one I promise!

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