I do want to say that Walgreens is NOTHING like CVS. It’s HORRIBLE in my neck of the woods. I was in the store at 7AM on the FIRST DAY of THEIR SALE and they were “out” of three different things that were offering Register Rewards. That’s such a JOKE!! I would understand if I went on Tuesday and they were out – but at 7AM? You mean to tell me you aren’t prepared to honor your circulars? Feels very fishy to me.

And I went to 2 STORES and they were BOTH out of the same things. Come on now!

Anyway – no more venting. Onto the sales

Two transactions:

Transaction 1:

  • 4 Popcorn @ $.25 each = $1 (no coupon)
  • Listerine Pocket Packs = $2.99 – $1.00 coupon I had = $1.99 PLUS I received $1 in Registered Rewards
  • Icy Hots = $.99 – $1 coupon (that I FOUGHT TO USE b/c they said it was over the price of the item and couldn’t use it… I was like just ADJUST the coupon to $.99 then and you keep the penny!!) UGH. I also received  $.99 in RR
  • Ecotrin = $3.49 (used in store coupon making it $.99) – $1 coupon (same scenario – I FOUGHT to use it) I also received $.99 in RR

My total price was $6.23 after tax. With all my coupons and RR from last week, I paid $.73 out of my pocket.

Transaction 2

  • Oxiclean $2.99 x 2 (bought 2 items) had a $3 off 2 coupon
  • Ramen Noodle Soup $33 x 3 = $1
  • Listerine Total Care $3.99 – $1 (printable coupon) = $2.99 PLUS I got $1 RR
  • Icy Hot $.99 – $1 coupon PLUS I received $.99 in RR

After my coupons and RR from last week’s transactions, my total was $1.32

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO – it was difficult and I wasn’t happy with the experience because I had to be THAT PERSON arguing with the college kid who was manning the register, BUT I did great. Everything for a few cents over $2? I will take it!

And the good news is next week I have plenty of $$ to use in RR. $5 additional bucks!

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